Our Story

We are just a family like any other. We are American through and through. We also happen to be Muslim. One day, we were walking to the mall, and my wife felt overheated. It's hard for her to wear her heavy garments however it is an essential tenet of our faith. As a Muslim woman, you probably understand this struggle well. We live in a temperate country and you don't always need to bundle up. However, we didn't have clothes that were specifically designed to cover everything and yet still be so completely lightweight. 

Next, we encountered other challenges on our shopping trip. We found that the selection of Halal foods and treats were lacking. It was frustrating for us. We even wanted to snack a bit after our trip, but we really didn't have any Halal snacks. Our kids are wonderful but we find them enticed by a lot of movies that we weren't really sure were that appropriate for them. We wanted them to get something to watch later, but we really struggled to find a suitable selection. Something about a Muslim family in the form of a movie would have been nice. We had even heard that "Hicksters" was a great comedy for them, but probably only a Muslim or independent film store would stock this Indie flick. 

Instead of getting discouraged, we became motivated. We went home and found some independent suppliers that would carry Muslim goods. Then, we went on the Internet and scouted out business locations that were up for lease. 

Now, we would like to further continue our dream with your support. We believe that your donations can make an investment into the freedom of religion in America. We know that every family and individual has the right to practice their faith in peace. We believe that you can help us create a more diverse commercial market to accommodate that opportunity.